Rose Ramblings, Part 1

The rose is undoubtedly the most famed flower of them all, and rightly so given its unmatched beauty and cultural relevance. It is beloved by gardening gurus and amateurs alike, treasured for its wide variety in bloom color, type, and fragrance. Amongst its crowning achievements is its standing as the most popular flower in the U.S. and it’s embodiment of this as the national flower; further adding to our pride as the largest producer of pot-grown roses in the U.S.

Roses stand out as individual specimens when planted in the garden, eye-catching with their lush foliage showcasing florid flowers. Use them as shrubs in mass plantings or to add color in monochromatic landscape designs. Trained as trees or onto trellises, they elevate any yard with their stature and flower power. Conversely, groundcover varieties offer dense blankets of blooms. There are even miniature varieties that range from 15” to 30” tall. Their blooms come in a kaleidoscope of colors, ranging from the iconic red, to pink, orange, yellow, white, and multicolor.

The bloom shapes also offer an assortment of arrangements. The ever popular hybrid tea and grandiflora are what comes to mind when most people picture a rose, with large blooms sprouting from single stems. The floribunda category is characterized by clusters of flowers that continuously bloom. The miniature, as its name suggests, is a smaller version of both the hybrid tea and floribunda flowers. The shrub rose subsection boasts English roses, a hybridization that produces showy, fragrant florets that resemble old garden roses.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another plant that offers as much variety or versatility!

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